Rachel Morrison Fitness Brand Photography Rachel Morrison Rachel actually won a competition I ran. Her focus was to have some shots for her PT program called Reshaping.Shooting this during Covid times meant we had to shoot outside (in the cold winter) However we found a [...]


Ells Clark & Yaz Garcia Fashion Fitness Photography Ells & Yaz Ells & Yaz came to me to create a shoot together for their collaboration with Barebells. I loved the dynamic of working this both of them, just like Yin & Yan. [...]


Sunflower Field Personal Photography Sunflower Field A personal project that I have also wanted to do. As a kid I grow up in Switzerland, that has many sunflower fields, so maybe this was my inspiration. [...]


Rain Personal Photography Shoot Rain A personal project I did with Fin. As a photographer it is never great when it rains, however I thought what if we embraced the rain and this is the outcome... [...]


Pumpkin Patch Personal Photography Project Pumpkin Patch A personal project and a personal colour. Orange is my favorite colour and I love a contrasting blue sky. This shoot I was really able to play with colour and explore it more. [...]


Harry X Duke+Dexter X Bjorn Borg Fashion Photography Harry X Duke+Dexter X Bjorn Borg I worked with Emma Rawlinson to create content for her brand. The brief was a... [...]


Emma Rawlinson Fashion Photography Emma Rawlinson I worked with Emma Rawlinson to create content for her brand. The brief was a... [...]


Yasmin Garcia X Sweaty Betty Fashion Photography Yasmin Garcia X Sweaty Betty I worked with Yasmin and her sponsor Under Amour to create content for socials. [...]


Two Kids No Kids Brand Photography Two Kids No Kids Two Kids No Kids are two best friends in their twenties. One with 2 kids, one with none. They have a podcast chatting all things sex, relationships and lessons they should have learnt by [...]


Sam Preston Fashion Stylist Fashion Photography Sam Preston Fashion Stylist Sam is a personal Fashion Stylist. She help clients create a timeless, modern, and stripped back wardrobe to fit their lifestyle, body shape, and personality. We wondered the streets of Cheltenham and created some [...]

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