Being a lifestyle fashion and fitness videographer in London means being a part of one of the biggest, most vibrant cities on earth. Because every day I see people running for the train, buying coffee, hugging friends. Living life in their clothes.

And that’s why our session won’t be about prolonged poses or banal, obviously set-up shots. I want to tell the unique story of your brand in a frame, and give you authentic, awesome images of your products worn by real people.

And these are the branding videos that customers will immediately connect with and remember. Because they’ll be bursting with the inimitable energy of real life.

Before I became a photographer in London, I studied Fashion in Amsterdam. So I’m in a great position to suggest locations, help with models and get super excited with you about your designs! So whether you’re an influencer looking to link up with your dream fashion brands, wanting to populate a new website with beautiful product images or celebrate your new range on social, I’d love to work together to make it a success.

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