My Skin Journey 2019-2021

So my story…

I am 27 and all my life have had very good skin. I have always looked after it well but I am a strong believer in cleansing from the inside out. What you put into your body is what you will get out of it too.

5th December 2019 I had a coil fitted and Jan I went to sunny Australia. Then once I was back in February 2020 (pre-stress of Covid) I started getting a really dry and itchy scalp. My whole head was bleeding and my hair was falling out. March came round and we went into a lockdown and if anything it got a little better as we started to have some really good weather. I then remember in July when lockdown had lifted a bit I went to play tennis with a friend but my skin around my eyes had become really swollen, puffy, and red. It was really sore and itchy. I have always struggled with allergies to cats and dust but never had a reaction like this. After a few days, it went down and that was that. The end of summer came and the heating started to come on, so dust particles were flying everywhere and I started having the flare-ups on my face again. I thought it was my dust allergies but there was no pattern. It would flare up just for one day out of the blue when nothing else had changed. From then on it became more frequent and more aggressive. Christmas 2020 came and I had the worst flare-up where my face felt like it was on fire and I couldn’t open my eyes. As if Christmas wasn’t ruined enough. I ended up going to the hospital and they said it was a nut allergy. They couldn’t do much as it was only a minor hospital and they said if it got worse go to A&E. A week had gone past and it was slowly going down and I was avoiding all nuts. 4th Jan came and I had another big flare. This time it was more painful so I went to A&E. The doctor said it wasn’t a nut allergy but it’s an eczema type skin inflammation and gave me steroid creams to help it. I was not keen on the idea at all but I was in so much pain I needed something to help. They gave me two lots. One for the redness of the skin and the other from the inflammation. I put on 1st steroid cream and it helped smooth it. Then later that evening I put the other cream steroid cream. On but that was the worst decision ever. It was burning my face so much I couldn’t stop crying. It was X10 more painful than before. I felt so lost in what to do and I was getting to the point where I had no energy to get out of bed.

I then thought back to what I mentioned at the beginning of this meant to be a short, but long story, that what you put in your body is what comes out. I order myself a YorkTest for food allergies and intolerance’s. I had used them before so trusted them. When I got the results back there were a lot of things I was allergic to and intolerance to. I started cutting these foods out and noticed a massive difference! My skin had started to settle down and my energy levels were going up. It was hard to adjust to making meals at the start as there were so many foods to cut out and sometimes I would miss an ingredient in products and have a flare-up. I thought I had found what was causing it but I then kept having flare up more randomly. At this stage of writing this, this is where I am now. The doctors have done IgE tests and blood tests and nothing abnormal has come up. I have some patch tests coming up in May and they are going to put things that could maybe be causing reactions on my back and it will be assessed over a week. This week I am also going to have my coil taken out. I mentioned this at the beginning as it has only occurred to me recently I have been having all these episodes since having it fitted.

Thank you for reading and if you are going through a similar thing, I am so sorry but hopefully, we can both find a way to get back to living a normal life.

Love Jen xx